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Vanilla NexusTK 8-24-2017 Vanilla NexusTK 8-24-2017

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Hi carbonlad, looks like you've got a nice start here but you want critique and that's why I'm here.

First thing that threw me off was how you designed progressing through the floors. The sudden change in rooms had me thinking I was teleporting all over the place when in fact I was changing rooms. Monsters would suddenly disappear and the screen would flash and it was a little jarring. I take it you designed it this way to regulate monsters spawning? Anyway, I think the game would be much more natural if the whole floor loaded and could be progressed as one room or if some sort of transition was put in place while rooms changed. I'd also avoid having a room change mid hallway, as that's what threw me off in the first place.

That's kind of the big thing for me. Some glitches I found were that I could attack enemies from behind walls at least two thick and one time a coin drop got stuck inside the wall after defeating an enemy next to it. The coin drop, imo, was a little hard to make out. I couldn't tell what I was getting until I saw the dialogue on the left.

The mouse functionality was neat (but not explained in the tutorial bit?), especially the time rewind you implemented. It's weird, though, that they're locked behind mouse only buttons, but not accessible on a keyboard (at least I didn't find the key for them). For instance, I could only use one spell using the number keys, but had to click Spell to get a list of them. Finding a way to manage inventory for a Diablo-esque game is a tricky challenge though.

You're on the right track though, the puddle reflection was neat, the fighting is simple yet hectic and you've got a lot of different mechanics being implemented that lend themselves to the core gameplay (such as the map, shops, experience, equipment, etc.)

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carbonlad responds:

I plan on fixing the room spawning issues really soon, right after I fix the tutorial as I was told by another reviewer, that it was something I should fix right away. It looks like the screen flashing isnt something I can get away with, hahahahaha :P

Thank you very much for the thorough review :)

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Parasoul Rain Parasoul Rain

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I really like how this is painted. The lighting changes from where the rain hits the parasol, the background elements and of course Parasoul herself looks great. I also love the contrast between her chest symbol and her book. Nicely framed.

Specter Knight! Specter Knight!

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Very nice pose. Lots of movement and energy.

Under Water Ivy Under Water Ivy

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Great scene! Wonderful colors and the attention to her clothes flowing underwater. I also like her confused yet fascinated expression.

SonHototo responds:

YES YES!!! thanks , XD the expression is the most important thing!!!!